TraderXP offers an unbeatable choice of assets in which you can invest in binary options. You will get a tour to learn all you have to about investments and how to make them successfully, a quality platform with prices diagrams for every asset, news about the financial world, a support service as well as a live chat.

Profits are high, up to 75% for each investment, and once you made your contract with the broker, that is to say TraderXP, you will know by advance how much you will win if your predictions come true. The investment is done in 5 clicks after registration: first you must choose an asset, second you may watch which way its price will go – if it’s up you choose ‘call’ if it’s down you choose ‘put’ – third you decide how much to invest and last you click on Apply to enable your investment.

Enjoy your earnings.

CMCMarkets to trade Forex and other CFD

Over 5000 financial instruments from 39 worldwide markets are available at CMC Markets and each customer gets a lot of help to succeed in this field.

CMC Markets’ platform includes many tools and other graphical analysis to help the clients to better trade CFD and CFD Forex. You can also attend trading days, seminars and trainings as the site offers them freely for any interested customer. A demo is proposed by download, also for free, to help them understand the CFD trading.

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The Advantages Of Adding A Spot Option To Your Portfolio

With so many great opportunities to make money today, investors don’t know which one is truly right for them.  So if you’ve had the inkling to look into binary options, you’ve certainly come to the right place.  Aside from congratulating you on the wise decision to have an open mind, we’ll help you understand why a spot option will make a valuable addition to your portfolio.  In fact, you may even say, it’s what changed your financial outlook for 2011.

Decide on A Spot Option


However, we’re not going to try and talk you into investing in a spot option right away.  After you read about what binary options entail, chances are you’ll want to do that on your own.  With a spot option you can own a piece of the pie without actually taking possession; and better yet, with a very low investment.  Let’s say you’ve always wanted to buy stocks but you don’t have a large enough capital.  With a small sum of money you can enter into a contract to purchase the right to buy the stocks when they reach a certain price and at a specific date.  Keep in mind this does not obligate you to buy the stocks.  This is what trading a spot option is all about.  All you really have to do in this situation is predict the direction in which that stock will go; state the time or date in which it will reach a specific price.  If the stock performs in the manner you predicted the payout can be anywhere between 61-85%.  If it doesn’t, you get nothing.  Hence the term an “all or nothing” system.  But wait! Many platforms today will let you receive up to 15% of the money you invested should your trade go the wrong way.

A No-Touch Spot Option


Believe it or not, it gets better.  As we’ve told you, the chances for making money with binary options are simply unbelievable.  Since many people are drawn to the Forex market, perhaps you too will be curious about a spot option with currencies as underlying assets.  You may opt for a one touch spot option which will let you sustain gains if the monetary unit’s price simply rises or decreases to a certain level prior to the expiration date.  Or you could try a no-touch spot option wherein you make a profit if the currency rates never reaches a specific price prior to the due date.  The decisions are yours!